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And finally (or at least finally if you’ve decided to read these tips, tricks and hacks in order), the timing. Now you’ve followed/unfollowed, got an effective hashtag strategy and got a good tagging strategy in place, when do you post? I don’t say this lightly but timing is everything. To make the most to get free Instagram followers, you need to be in tune to when your followers are most active.

Check Audience Insights


If you don’t have an business Instagram profile, get one, even if you are only using it as a personal page. This will offer you insights to when your followers are most likely to be using Instagram. To do this follow the instructions here.

If you scroll down to the bottom of ‘Audience’ you will see when your followers are most active, this can be broken down into the day of the week or the hours.

I recommend using the strategy as a first point as you aware of the demographic you are trying to capture, whereas using common trends might not be specific enough to you.

Common Trends


Should you not wish to convert to a business account or prefer not to analyse you data every week, consider looking at common trends. I find using this website is really helpful as it offers insights to other social media platforms too so I know when the best time to post on Twitter is according to these results.

Be careful though as these can be variable depending on timezone and age of followers. Also, these articles can be outdated or not relevant to your area and therefore you might need to take the information with a pinch of salt. However, if the goal is to get free Instagram followers and you’re not fussy about where they come from, this might be an option to seriously think about.


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