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Welcome to how to get free Instagram followers – the good tagging strategy edition. Now, this might become hard work and you may choose this effort is not worth the time and to which I recommend maybe paying for service such as Fiverr orShout Out Cart. However, they are both super expensive so if you want some affordable Instagram followers, look here. Now, without further distraction let’s begin.

Use Other’s Content


Some people may see this as stealing and it could be if you don’t tag the person to their work. Others will this this as free promotion, which is certainly is. Using other people’s photographs is a great way to build awareness around their brand to your followers and in turn, you will reach their followers. So this way, both parting get free Instagram followers.

Simply write your post and at the end, give credit where is it’s due linking to the good hashtag strategy. (If you’ve not read the article on having an effective hashtag strategy find it here.)

ALWAYS get the photographers permission to use their content unless you have found it on a royalty free website such as UnSplash, but even then, tag the photographer or at very least tag the website you attained the image from, it’s only polite.

Here’s an example on how to ethically use someone else’s content using the good tagging:

Tomorrow, we are going to the beach, can’t wait to catch some rays with @Jane.

#Photography by @Alex


Big Brands


Tag big brands where possible, this will help you reach their audience and is especially effective if you are in the same market. Perhaps tag the business but explain how your product is different to theirs to capture your customers attention.

For example:

Walking past @Costa coffee and we noticed you can get our #coffee for half the price!


Build Partnerships


Building partnerships and joining professional forces in a guarantee for success. You are able to promote each other for free and will often become more competitive by being collaborative. Try and find Instrgram profiles with roughly the same size following as you as you will be able to grow together and it is most likly the person will agree to the venture.


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