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Hashtags are an interesting way to get free Instagram followers, but there is a fine balance between getting enough hashtags and your post looking over the top. I am sure there are many ways you can use the hashtags but these are some tips, tricks and hacks I’ve picked up.

Over 1 Million Rule


This might sound obvious, but using popular hashtags for your post is an important ingredient when you’re trying to get free Instagram followers. Don’t bother adding a hashtag if it’s got less than a million hashtags linked to it. That being said, if your niche if very specialist try going got a 500,000 rule instead. This is significant as it’ll ensure more people are exposed to your post.

Hashtag Sprinkles


Unless right at the end, sprinkle your hashtags throughout the post in a way that makes the sentence continue to make sense if the word was not a hashtag.

For example:

I was at Costa and catching up with Jane over a coffee.

I was at @Costa and catching up with Jane over a #coffee.

This sprinkling of hashtags is a sneaky way of getting you post out to a wider audience in a completely non-invasive way. Try and get 5 sprinkled hashtags throughout your post before doing a line of hashtags at the end.

One Word


Where possible try and use one word as a hashtag rather than a phrase. While using phrases such as ‘coffee time’ or ‘girls night’ might be popular, don’t make them your first hashtag choices. Go for #coffee or #girls and then consider using the phrases. I recommend this because these one words are easy to remember and therefore they are more searched¬† and by far more popular. Therefore, enabling you to be found more easily on Instagram.

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