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Ah Instagram. One of the biggest Social Media platforms on the planet. Whether you are trying to build your personal brand or trying to reach more customers it is likely you are trying to build your following base. Sure, you could pay for followers from websites such as Fiverr, but the risk is you are paying for bots that do not actually help your following. You might look at paying for shout outs using Shout Out Cart, yet this can be expensive and turn over a low return on investment. Whether or not you’re broke or being careful or trying to maximise your organic following, I will teach you how to get free Instagram followers.

Follow/Unfollow Strategy


No one is ever proud to use this method, but the follow/unfollow method is a sure way to get free Instagram followers. That being said, using this strategy still takes a bit of strategy. Firstly, so you do not get flagged for spamming people and secondly because the strategy is most effective when very particular steps are put in place.  Learn more here.

Effective Hashtag Strategy


While I personally have mixed feelings about the use of the hashtag, this strategy has been an incredible way to get free Instagram followers in my experience and I cannot stress enough how using a very particular hashtag strategy will rocket your impressions. Learn more about the most effective hashtag strategy here.

Good Tagging Strategy


Tagging is one of the most undervalued ways to get free Instagram followers. Not only will people see that a person is tagged but there is also potential to turn this into an business opportunity, should the steps be implemented correctly. Again, I can share the tips, tricks and hacks I have picked up for a good tagging strategy here.

Timing Strategy


Thank you very much Australian Survival GIF man. It’s all well and good using these strategies above, but to really push and get free Instagram followers, timing is key. Learn more about this here.


You might be thinking after watching all these videos that putting that effort is going to be very time consuming, and we completely understand that. So why not look at our packages? It’s not free, but for £45 per month and high quality content that will build your followers base for less that £1.50 per day it’s almost free.