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Ah the follow/unfollow strategy. Yes, it might feel sleazy. Yes, it might dishonest but this strategy is one of the most common and (without a doubt) one of the most effective ways to get free Instagram followers. Would you prefer to risk it with Fiverr or Shout Out Cart? No? Then, without further ado, let us proceed.


Why do this?


Simply put, people want their numbers higher so it’s likely they will accept you, especially if they see a mutual person is following you. (We will get to that later.) Additionally, later on in the game, when you’re followers are LOWER than your following, people see it as a type of flattery that they made the cut. Yes, I am aware this sounds incredibly unethical. But you wanted to get free Instagram followers in the most organic way, so something has got to give.


Be Picky


Now, I cannot stress this enough, is it essential to be very picky about how you go about following to unfollow. You want to get free Instagram followers, but you don’t want to be desperate.Simply scrolling though and following the first 50 people is a short term fix to a long term problem. Why would I say this? Well, if you’ve randomly started following someone who is not remotely interested your posts, they are simply going to unfollow you, so it’ll be a waste of everyone’s time. All of my other steps are extensions of this idea about being picky about who you follow so you can unfollow.


Hashtag Time

Search a popular # and when I say popular I mean more than 1,000,000 links type of popular. These are typically single words.


I recommend:

  • Weekdays e.g. #Monday
  • Animals #dogs
  • What the post is #photo, #quote
  • Person in picture #man
  • And use #photography

Now you’re searching through, now you can afford to start to follow people. Being niche focused will obviously make it better as you have already filtered out and been picky.


Mutual Connections


Now, whenever anyone, I do mean ANYONE takes an action on your post, follow them. Next, follow who are following them. The followers are obviously following the person because of a common interest. Harness this.


Unfollow Clean Up


I recommend every other day, before you start following anyone else you go an do a purge. I will keep the following under control, it’ll keep the unfollowing task at a manageable level and it’ll help future followers been complicated that they made the cut to be followed. It’s not easy when you are trying to get free Instagram followers, but this strategy is most effective for people who are JUST starting out and need to build traction.


Tread with Caution


Instagram is very sensitive to spamming. To my knowledge, there is a limit to following 50 people per hour. You are welcome to set an alarm every hours and start following people, but I think the Instagram bots would soon pick up on and that and your account may be suspended. Instead, sprinkle your followings throughout the day.


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